American Citizens Matter informs and provides a platform for citizens to unite against the attacks to our institutions and our people from enemies within and without. We are dedicated to restoring our founding principles and putting American citizens first in all things.  American Citizens Matters is a “Fanfare for the Common Man.”


American Citizens Unite

Our ancestors fought to free themselves from the intolerable British ruling class and bequeathed that liberty to us. Today we have lost it to a new intolerable ruling class – the Progressives – who believe themselves to be vastly superior to the majority of Americans and hold disdain for those they rule.

The chasm is deep and wide between today’s ruled and ruling classes. We are alienated in ways that Northerners and Southerners who fought during the Civil War were not. Despite killing each other, they still worshiped the same God, shared a deep love of their country and personal friendships, and were not taught that the other was inferior.

Today the ruled attend churches and synagogues while the rulers are fanatically contemptuous of religion and those who are religious. They are openly hostile to the American military. They believe power should be in their hands and, therefore, see no need for elections except those they rig. They believe the Constitution should put the levers of power in their hands instead of those of the lowly, common man. They believe American history is rife with all manner of wrongs which only they, with their superior wisdom, can set right. They live in a world of imagined perfection which only they can create. Since the Civil War, universities have spewed hatred toward ordinary Americans whom they deem inferior. Left wing authored books pretend to prove scientifically that ordinary citizens are racist, sexist, stupid, harmful to themselves and the world at large, and have no right to self-rule.

A populist movement is sweeping across America with the ruled pushing back against their tyrannical rulers. As these self-appointed elitist rulers seek to redefine the identify of America and its citizens, the “deplorables” are rising up to reclaim their founding principles and to “make America great again.”

The deplorables were honored in the stirring 1942 symphonic work by American nationalist composer and conductor, Aaron Copland, “Fanfare for the Common Man,” written upon America’s entry into World War II. His populist works from the 1930s-40s evoked the vast American landscape and pioneer spirit and played a central role in the shaping of the national consciousness. Copland described his fanfare as a work to bring honor to “the common man, who, after all, was doing all the dirty work in the war and in the army.”

Liberals deny the importance of the common man – the ordinary American citizen -- in making America a great nation. Rather they seek to destroy our founding principles, culture, and institutions and to impose their own ruthless, authoritarian agenda upon nearly 328 million people.

A civil revolution – one that is now becoming violent – is being waged against the American common man by those who want to turn us into a communist technocracy ruled by rich and powerful elites.  As did our colonial forebears, we are uniting against the tyranny of our rulers.  It is for this reason that American Citizens Matter was founded.